I made these hexs and put them in time out for several weeks.  I hate joining hexagons.  I love making hexs, and I really love the look of a hex motif afghan, BUT that’s where it ends.  Joining hexs always makes me frustrated and always gives me a headache, but this time it also gave me a sore shoulder.  Very sore.  I’m assuming it was from the stress and frustration getting into the shoulder and tightening it up.  Anyway, I write all this here as a reminder to myself.

Stop making hexagons.

Just stop.

Even though they’re so pretty.

They’re like the sirens of the crochet world.


This is an easy hexagon pattern.  I don’t really recall which pattern I used.  Either this one or this one. I actually had to quit before I ran out of motifs because I ran out of white yarn, so I wasn’t able to put a border on either.  The joining was just a join-as-you-go continuation of the pattern.

Funny story, I cleaned out the yarn stash the day after I finished this and found another skein of white, but I had been so relieved to call it done that I decided to let it stay the way it is.

I really do detest the hex.

The colors are sea blue, forrest, gray mist, graphite, and glacier.  The white is called white.

Completion date 11/24/14.

Another funny story.  Look how much this blanket looks like this other one I made this year.