Seems Like Old Times Shawl

This was fun and it only took two days to make.

Here is the pattern link.

The brown yarn is Bernat Satin, the color is Mocha. I used 2 1/2 skeins.  The white yarn is I Love This Yarn, color name is white.  I used a little more than 1/2 skein.  And I used an H hook for the first brown section, but changed to an I hook when I started the white, and continued with the I hook for the rest of the project.

Completion date 11/28/14.



Hexagons: a cautionary tale

I made these hexs and put them in time out for several weeks.  I hate joining hexagons.  I love making hexs, and I really love the look of a hex motif afghan, BUT that’s where it ends.  Joining hexs always makes me frustrated and always gives me a headache, but this time it also gave me a sore shoulder.  Very sore.  I’m assuming it was from the stress and frustration getting into the shoulder and tightening it up.  Anyway, I write all this here as a reminder to myself.

Stop making hexagons.

Just stop.

Even though they’re so pretty.

They’re like the sirens of the crochet world.


This is an easy hexagon pattern.  I don’t really recall which pattern I used.  Either this one or this one. I actually had to quit before I ran out of motifs because I ran out of white yarn, so I wasn’t able to put a border on either.  The joining was just a join-as-you-go continuation of the pattern.

Funny story, I cleaned out the yarn stash the day after I finished this and found another skein of white, but I had been so relieved to call it done that I decided to let it stay the way it is.

I really do detest the hex.

The colors are sea blue, forrest, gray mist, graphite, and glacier.  The white is called white.

Completion date 11/24/14.

Another funny story.  Look how much this blanket looks like this other one I made this year.


Pink and White Checkerboard


This is a simple granny square using the join-as-you-go, and I added a ruffle edging.  The whole thing measures 24×32 which is a bit smaller than I like, but still suitable for a newborn blanket.

This pattern is pretty close to what I did.

I did a sc round to start the edging, putting 3 sc in each corner stitch.  The ruffle is just alternating 3dc in one stitch, then 2 dc in the next stitch, corners are 3dc, ch3, 3dc in the middle sc of the corner. The last round of the edge is just sc in each stitch and 3sc in each corner ch 3 space.

If I had it to do over I would make the ruffle less Spanish Dancer-y by doing 3dc in next stitch, 2 dc in each of the next two stitches, repeating that.  It would still be a pretty ruffle, only not too frilly.

The yarn is I Love This Yarn (100% acrylic, worsted weight) from Hobby Lobby.  The colors are Pink Cheeks and Ivory and I used an I hook.


This page has a bunch of ways to join granny squares.   I’ve used some of them, can’t wait to try some more!

Items Created Before Starting this Blog



This is just a very fragmented account of some of my recent projects.  The whole reason I started this blog is to keep track of the projects I am creating.

I’ve listed these projects in roughly chronological order, but not exactly.  I use Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn almost exclusively, and all of the projects on this page are made from 100% acrylic yarn.


This striped shawl was created using scraps of yarn, following this pattern from Laughing Purple Goldfish Designs. Completion date: Jan 17, 2011.


This is a diagonal baby blanket I made for a friend’s baby using a variety of autumn colors of I Love This Yarn and this patten from Mam’zelle Flo. Completion date Aug 18, 2013.


This diagonal baby blanket was also created for a friend’s baby using the same pattern as the above.  Completion date Oct 2, 2013.


This blanket was created using this pattern. Completion date June 20, 2014.


This afghan ws created following this pattern from RedHeart, and using scrap yarn. Completion date July 23, 2014.


This afghan was created using this pattern, and scrap yarn.  I don’t think I really read the pattern, just used the photo for inspiration.  I cannot recall if I had to buy the cream yarn or if I had it on hand. Completion date Aug 2, 2014.


This afghan was made following this pattern from The Crochet Crowd. I used a different join. I just single crocheted them together, this is how to do it.  Completion date unknown, sometime in 2014.


This afghan was created using this pattern. Completion date Aug 13, 2014.


This afghan was created following this pattern from Red Heart.  Completion date Aug 20, 2014.


This is a little baby blanket that I just made up using join-as-you-go granny squares and a granny stripe border and left over yarn from the afghan above it.  Easy, fast, homey, I love it! Completion date Aug 27, 2014.


This baby blanket was created using granny squares and the five chain flat braid continuous join, and an easy, 4 round, v-stitch border with (sc, ch3, sc) in each v-stitch as the last round.  I learned the join using these two YouTube videos.  They’re long, but detailed and easy to understand.  Well worth the watching.

First video.

Second video.

Wanna be a rockstar crochet expert?  Watch both.

Completion date Oct 16, 2014.


This brown baby blanket was created using this pattern which is my current favorite, go-to pattern, and using the join and border she suggests.  Awesome pattern!  And it works up really fast.  Completion date unknown.


This lovely afghan was created following this pattern from Drops Design.  Completion date Nov 13, 2014. Yarn color names are: linen, graymist, graphite, sea blue, and one more I can’t recall.


This baby blanket was created by following my favorite pattern from Ideal Delusions. Completion date Nov 19, 2014. Colors are Rosy Cheeks and Ivory.


Again, my favorite pattern, this time using leftovers from another project.  Completion date Oct 14, 2014.


Favorite.pattern.ever! Completion date Oct 8, 2014.  Colors are: Red, Orange, Yellow, Jelly  Bean, Light Blue, Medium Blue, White, Amethyst, and a bright pink that I can’t recall the name of.